Capillaroscopes -

USB devices for nailfold capillaroscopy

Smart G-Scope Capillaroscope

The Smart G-Scope is a cutting-edge digital capillaroscope designed to help you take high-resolution images of the smallest capillaries. The scope comes with both manual & automatic focus and a slide bar for magnification (250X used for capillaroscopy), making it very easy to use. The scope comes with numerous specialized end caps, including a capillary end cap that’s perfect for nailfold capillaroscopy.

Dino-Lite CapillaryScope 200 Pro (MEDL4N)

The Dino-Lite CapillaryScope 200 Pro (MEDL4N Pro) is intended for looking at the microcirculation (microcapillary function) of the blood vessels under finger nails during the nailfold capillaroscopy procedure. With this compact and versatile digital CapillaryScope it is very easy to capture and store nail fold capillaroscopy images at a magnification rate of 200x.

Optilia Digital Capillaroscope

The Optilia Digital Capillaroscope is renowned around the world for its quality and efficiency. This range includes all-in-one systems that offer a very user-friendly interface and a list of features necessary for not just capillaroscopy but other medical uses too. This handheld video device comes with a powerful camera that offers extremely focused, high-resolution and bright images of the faintest of capillaries.

Inspectis Digital Capillaroscope

Inspectis Digital Capillaroscope is a state-of-the-art capillaroscope that comes with a powerful 200x magnification, coupled with 5MP image resolution. It comes with a USB3 cable that can be connected to your laptop. The built-in INSPECTIS© CAP Basics Capillaroscopy software collates the patient’s capillary data such as images and measurements with ease.

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