The Dino-Lite CapillaryScope 200 Pro (MEDL4N Pro) is intended for looking at the microcirculation (microcapillary function) of the blood vessels under finger nails during the nailfold capillaroscopy procedure. With this compact and versatile digital CapillaryScope it is very easy to capture and store nail fold capillaroscopy images at a magnification rate of 200x and 50x.

The Dino-Lite CapillaryScope 200 Pro uses the latest, cutting-edge optics and offers superb image quality and color reproduction in a robust and compact housing. The device is suitable for intensive daily use. The CapillaryScope 200 Pro has a lower magnification than the CapillaryScope 500 Pro, the maximum magnification is 200x, but due to a bigger Field of View (FOV) it will be possible to look at a higher number of capillaries in one picture. It is suitable for inspecting capillaries in a nailfold capillaroscopy procedure both for panoramic images (around 50x magnification) and standard capillaroscopy images (around 200x magnification).

This CapillaryScope has been specially developed for capillaroscopy of the cuticle. The images can be captured as still photos or video. The resolution of 1,3 megapixel and magnification of around 200x assure the acquisition of clear pictures. The digital images can be stored on any digital medium.

It does not need batteries as the microscope is powered through the USB connection. The built-in 8 LEDs can be enabled or disabled as desired and make external light source unnecessary. Peering through a viewing lens is a thing of the past now that the picture can be viewed on the computer screen, laptop or Windows tablet, so that the images can also be seen by the patient and photos can be taken.

The built-in, switchable polarizer, makes it even more convenient to make glare-free pictures, especially when you work with contact oil or water on the nail rim. The CapillaryScope 200 Pro is certified according to the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, modified 2007/47/EC.

All the necessary software is included (Windows and MacOs) so you can get up to speed quickly.