Inspectis Digital Capillaroscope is a state-of-the-art capillaroscope that comes with a powerful 200x magnification, coupled with 5MP image resolution. It comes with a USB3 cable that can be connected to your laptop. The built-in INSPECTIS© Capillaroscopy software collates the patient’s capillary data such as images and measurements with ease.

Inspectis Digital Capillaroscope is well-suited for examining minute changes in microcirculation and detecting early signs of capillary abnormalities. The device supports a hands-free image capture through the single-pedal footswitch. A benchtop holder for easy storage and usage is also included.

Inspectis Digital Capillaroscopes are elegant solutions for Assessment of Pathological and Morphological Changes in Skin Capillaries. They design and manufacture carefully specified Optical Systems with streamlined Software for optimum performance according to ISO 13485:2016 Medical Device Quality Management Standards.

Hand mapping linked imaging and data storage functions provide guidance to the user during the examination, assessment and follow-up tasks assisting quick and methodical examinations. Default file names tag each image with locational and temporal data. Fingers can be flagged for follow-up and the images from the previous examinations are easily accessible any time.

Inspectis make a variety of lenses with different magnifications but the most commonly used is the 200x. This provides a good level of magnification and has been adopted as a standard in many nailfold capillaroscopy studies worldwide making it easier to compare results.