Optilia Digital Capillaroscope Basic Kit is the ideal starting package for inspection of capillaries as the system is scalable to suite future needs. The system is built around Optilia’s user-friendly hand-held video capillaroscope which provides sharp and detailed images with true color representation. The included OptiPix Lite software gives the user excellent assistance in viewing, measuring and archiving images.

OptiPix Lite has a user-friendly interface for viewing, analyzing and documenting findings. All taken images can be stored within the Window’s file system. The user can perform basic measurements of the capillaries, either by using the predefined calibrations for the included optical lens or by calibrating a user defined magnification.

Optilia Video Capillaroscopy features state-of-the-art digital imaging system with integrated illumination and dedicated user-friendly image capture, analysis and reporting software for nailfold capillaroscopy. Designed for reliable and flexible examination of micro circulation abnormities that may lead to disease like Reynaud’s phenomenon, systematic sclerosis and digital ulcer.

Optilia high resolution capillaroscopy lenses with contact and non-contact adaptors provide sharp and detailed images with accurate colour representation at 100x, 200x and 300x magnification. Optilia Capillaroscope is light-weight, mobile and can be used on all areas of skin.

OptiPix is built around a patient local database system for data storage. The database manager has a powerful search function for easy access of specific patient information and patient examinations. For easy browsing, examinations are stored in chronological order.